2019 Ketone Supplement Guide - What Are the Best Ketone Supplements?

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2019 Ketone Supplement Guide

Keto Pill and Ketone Pill Scam Warning

We have received THOUSANDS of phone calls from customers who have been duped, scammed, and deceived by the surge of "Keto Pills" and "Ketone Pills" that are flooding the market. Below you will find a comprehensive list compiled by Keto Experts and Consumers about what they have learned and what you need to know about these supplements.

1. Low Quality Ingredients & Innefective Dosage of BHB

The ONLY ingredient that you should be concerned with in ANY Keto supplement is the quantity and quality of Ketones, or BHB, in the product. “BHB salts” or "BHB" is simply a compound that consists of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), and the ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate. This is the ingredient that directly and immediately elevates your ketone levels and helps you get all of the benefits of a ketogenic diet. There is only one company and brand of BHB that licenses the weight loss patent and that is goBHB. If any ketone supplement doesn't contain goBHB do not buy it.

The other issue is the actual amount of these BHB salts. First of all, no keto pill that we found contains goBHB. For most of us, that's reason enough to pass. But if that's not troubling enough, most of these supplements only contain 500mg to 800mg of BHB per serving. That is simply not enough BHB to put you into any state of ketosis.

All of the research being done or completed on BHB has been with a dosage of 10 grams or higher, our "Top Rated" BHB product, Ketond, contains 11.7 grams (11,700mg) of goBHB per serving. To put that into perspective, you would have to swallow 15 capsules of the "leading" keto pill to get a similar dosage. Even then, the keto pills don't use goBHB, so they won't be nearly as effective.

Let's put that into a cost perspective. If you were to head over to Amazon and pick a keto pill with BHB, the average 30 serving bottle is selling for around $35. Now remember, you have to take 15 servings, or 1/2 a bottle, to get the same amount of BHB as the leading ketone supplement.

That means you'd need to buy 15 bottles for $525 to get the same dosage, and that's not even using the effective patented goBHB!

2. Keto Pills that are Free Trial / Continuity Programs

This trend is nothing new. We say it years ago with weight loss pills that would use images of Dr.Oz and Oprah all over their products to decieve customers. Now the trend has hit keto supplements and the show is Shark Tank. These "keto pills" are literally everywhere. There are a few things that you need to know about these "Free Trial" offers.

1. You are going to run into the same issue that we talked about above. Low quality, low dosed, innefective ingredients. If that's not enough to turn you away then here's the kicker.

2. The true cost of a "Free Trial Offer". If you have never read the terms and conditions for these offers, well, you should. They are insane. Buried deep in those terms you will learn that you have enrolled in a monthly auto-ship program. You can potentially be charged $70 - $90 per bottle plus shipping without your consent, every month, until you are finally able to contact these companies to get them to stop or file disputes with your credit card company. Sounds like fun!

Keto Pill Conclusion

Please be smart and use common sense. If something sounds too good be true, it is. These companies are smart and manipulative. There's no celebrity endorsing these products. These companies use fake news pages and other tactics. Don't fall for it. Real BHB and Ketones are more expensive to make than any other supplement. The real stuff, goBHB, is patented and proven to help put you into a state of nutritional ketosis. There's a reason why you won't see goBHB in a pill. The patent holder won't sell to them because they can't fit an effective dose into any pill. To do so doesn't make sense. Swallowing 15 pills to get an effective dose is crazy talk.

REAL BHB Salts and exogenous ketone supplements are literally changing the supplement industry. But I’d rather pay for something that works then spend tons of money chasing products that claim to work. One of the most popular ketone supplements is Ketōnd. There's no auto-billing. The price you see is the price you pay. Each bag you order contains the equivalent of 15 bottles of the leading keto pill, not to mention it uses goBHB. So you know you are getting the best product out there. You can check out our review here.

It's Time to Find the BEST Ketone Supplements

On this website you will be able to learn from our research, the scientific research behind the ingredients in the best ketone supplements, what scams to avoid and where to get the best prices on the best supplements!


Ketond's original Advaced Ketone Blend was our #1 Rated Keto Supplement for the past 2 years because nothing was able to challenge it. It was stronger, tasted better, worked better than any other keto supplement on the market. We thought it was untouchable. So who on earth could dethrone the "Champ"? Only the newest keto supplement from Ketond - Ketond BioMAX.

It is our opinion that Ketond's "mantra" has always been "whatever Company XYZ does, we can do BETTER and CHEAPER". Not only that but they are totally transparent (ie no proprietary blends) so you know EXACTLY what you are buying. This is crucial when it comes to purchasing a premium keto supplement. 800mg of BHB in a pill?? It won't do anything. 6g of BHB in a drink mix? It might do something, but not much. 11.7g of BHB? That's the clinical dosage used in the weight loss studies and you can bet that you are going to see results.

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Official Phone: 1-877-719-5041
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