2020 Ketone Supplement Guide -What Are the Best Ketone Supplements?

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The #1 Ketone Supplement for Weight Loss!

Ketōnd Advanced Blend is:

  • Clinically Dosed for Maximum Weight Loss
  • Formulated to Stop Cravings & Control Appetite
  • Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

2020’s #1 Rated Ketone Weight Loss Supplement

Ketōnd is scientifically formulated to help you improve your quality of life by maximizing weight loss, increasing energy, and improving cognition. When compared to other BHB supplements Ketōnd set the bar really high. It is the only one that contains a clinically-dosed serving of BHB in every serving. Unlike other brands we analyze, Ketōnd is always 100% transparent with all of the ingredients used and nothing is hidden in a “Proprietary Blend”. On top of that, Ketond is third party tested by an independant lab to make sure what's on the label is in the bottle. 

Just compare dosage, ingredient quality, serving size and serving cost and you will quickly realize why Ketōnd is still this year’s top rated keto supplement.

What Do People Lose More Weight with Ketond?

Each serving of Ketōnd is powered by a University Researched, patented blend of BHB that contains a Clinically Dosed Serving (11,700mg) of BHB. It is also the best tasting bhb supplement that we have tested. While many BHB supplements that we tested were absolutely undrinkable, Ketond's products were absolutely delicious! In fact, we were worried that we were going to drink too much! The current flavors that are available are Tiger’s Blood (which is a blend of coconut, watermelon and I think strawberry), Citrus Mango, Caramel Macchiato, Peach and Chocolate.

If you are serious about weight loss then Ketond has created two additional products that can be taken together with Ketond. Ketond offers KetoStax, which are available for free when you order 2 or more products. Our favorite ones for weight loss are the KetoStax Metabolic Accelerator, which is a blend of clinically proven ingredients that can be added to your ketone drink and tastes simply amazing. The second is Metabolic Accelerator PM, which is a stimulant free night weight loss supplement that you take before bed. This is one of the few supplements that contain CaloriBurn GP™, which has been called the "Holy Grail" of fat loss ingredients. For a limited time we are giving away up to 2 bottles of it for free with select orders.

The last thing people love is the price. With Ketond you simply get more clinically dosed servings at a huge discount. Ketōnd costs $39.95 for 15 servings which is about $2.66 per serving. This is half the price per serving of the leading competitors (whose products usually contain only 6g of BHB). Ketōnd’s label and ingredients are 100% transparent, so they disclose everything that is in the supplement – which is only BHB - no fluff, no fillers, just the stuff that you want.

Not only is Ketōnd considered one of the best on weight loss supplements in the market it also currently holds favorable ratings, reaching numbers as high as 98 percent in customer reviews. They absolutely love this product and more than 80% of them return to order more. This is one of the few weight loss supplements that not only works but has so many other health benefits.

No Proprietary Blends or Cheap Ingredients

Most of the BHB supplements out there are underdosed and overpriced - some don't even bother to disclose how much BHB (ie ketones) is used in their product. And why would they? BHB is EXTREMELY expensive. So by not disclosing the amount the can get away with putting in as little as they want and still claim it's a ketone supplement while keeping their costs as low as possible. An underdosed BHB supplement will simply not help you lose any weight.

Ketōnd discloses everything right there on their label so you know EXACTLY what you are getting. I have tried numerous BHB supplements and I can tell you I was not surprised that I got the best results with Ketōnd. It totally suppressed my appetite and I found that I could go longer without snacking. It also gave me more energy and I could think with more clarity.

Don't Get Scammed by Under-Dosed Keto Pills

Many people have been duped and scammed by BHB or Keto Pills. These pills don't work. Remember when we said the clinical dose of BHB is 11,700mg? You can't fit that into one pill or two pills. You'd have to swallow nearly 25 pills to get the amount of BHB found in one serving of Ketond!! Ketond has been in business for almost 5 years and was one of the first companies to sell BHB in supplement form. It’s incredible what customers tell me when they throw away their "pills" and switch to the clinically dosed Ketond. How it’s helped them lose weight and suppress their appetite. *

The results that customers are having is ONLY accomplished through the the quality, quantity, and combination of BHB that is found in each serving of Ketond.

So, Is There a Catch?... Yes, Two Actually...

Not everything is perfect with Ketōnd, so there are a few things you should know. One is that it is extremely powerful. The company is pretty adamant about taking the correct dosage - and they are right. This isn't your typical BHB supplement. I'd recommend starting off at half a scoop, even if you are used to taking a different BHB supplement. Odds are if you have your product was underdosed. So, it’s kind of a pain to remember all the time, but once you feel good with the half serving then you can work your way up to a full scoop. If you think it is too strong for you – just take one serving a day, not two, and you will be okay.

About the only other negative thing I have heard about the company is that if you are placing an order over the phone, they don’t answer too many questions. Instead, they refer you to their website. Their website is very informative and pretty much answers any question you might have. Ketōnd has gotten too popular, and the company had to hire an answering service like they are selling George Forman Grills or something to take calls from around the world 24-7.

At the end of the day I give my highest praise for Ketōnd; it is clearly the Michael Jordan of BHB supplements, the Rolls Royce of the business. You will not be disappointed… Ketōnd is the real deal!!

You can get Ketōnd today from us at a discount or go directly to www.Ketōnd.com.

Real Customer Reviews

Here are a few of the THOUSANDS of reviews that we have received about Ketond...

I Lost Over 70 Pounds

After having my son in 2017 I developed PPD and anxiety however I was to scared to talk to my dr about it. I went from 125lbs to just over 200lbs! My family started making comments about my weight/health and even me and my fiancé had problems my insecurities played a big part for sure, I was at such a low point in my life I just didn’t care about myself or anything anymore. One day in May 2019 I decided this is it! I took on a healthy lifestyle head on!

I tried other products but I noticed fairly quickly that ketond was better then the rest. No added junk like in other brands, AMAZING taste and ketond doesn’t break the bank! I’ve lost a total 70lbs!! 70lbs!! I’m back to my pre-baby weight and just working on maintaining and building muscle. It’s been a huge change mentally and physically. It’s hard to find energy to work out when your overweight, even the 3 km walks I did were tough, but having a supplement to help support me made all the difference. From helping me overcome the “keto flu” giving me energy to exercise and helping to replace my meals in a healthy way! I rally this product! I argue this product with the competitor brands as I KNOW and BELIEVE in this product 100% my results are a testament to Ketond’s quality!

Ocean L. -Twin Falls, Id.

*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.

I Lost 10 Pounds & 2 Inches

I heard about Ketond through my sister in law and with this drink and eating less, I have lost 10 lbs and 2 inches off my waist and my hips! I have found that it gives me so much more energy that lets me keep moving through the day. I've been more active and happy! I love this product! I have and will continue to keep recommending it to all my family and friends.

Jeanna D. - Portland, Or.

*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.

I'm not going to the gym and I still lose weight

I do not follow a strict keto diet but I do try to eat healthy. I sit all day at work and don't get much exercise and I've lost 18.2 lbs!!!! I eat more fish and vegetables, no added sugar and I do watch my carbs ie: breads, pasta and no junk foods only healthy snacks, such as nuts and some fruits and cheese. I drink my Ketond once a day, normally around 11:00 am and have my luch around 1:00pm. The Ketond has helped me feel satisfied and has definitely boosted my metabolism. I feel great!!!!

Carol S. - Pottstown, Pa

*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.

The healthiest I've been, ever.

In the last month by using Ketone Blend, Ketostax and Ketogenic Meal replacement along with the Ketogenic Diet and intermittent fasting I have lost total of 22lbs to date and am totally off the acid reflux medication. I just meet with my Doctor to review my blood work, I’m in the best shape I have been in for a long time.

Lorne S. -Calgary, Ca.

*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.

Ketone Supplement Flavors by Ketond
Ketond Money Back Guarantee
Try Ketond Risk Free For 30 Days

Ketōnd is the Best Tasting Therapeutically Dosed BHB Supplement Available. A full serving of Ketōnd will help you lose more weight, increase energy, performance, and focus. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, simply return all the unused products you ordered within 30 days, for a full refund (​excluding shipping), no questions asked! Now you can try this award-winning formula with ZERO risk!

How Does Ketond® Advanced Blend Work?

Ketone Supplement Flavors by Ketond

Our bodies primarily use the glucose from carbohydrates as fuel. When carbohydrates are not readily available (such as in the case of prolonged fasting, carbohydrate restriction, or prolonged exercise), the body shifts from using carbohydrates to body fat for its fuel. The problem is your body needs to first convert stored fat into ketones to use as energy.

Ketōnd® Advanced Blend contains 11,700mg of BHB which is rapidly absorbed by your body and causing it to use and burn body fat as energy. Ketōnd® helps accelerate nutritional ketosis, provide the benefits of the keto diet without having to deprive yourself from enjoying carbohydrates.

Ketone Supplement Flavors by Ketond

What Does the Science Say?

Ketond Boosts Ketone Levels

1. Accelerated State of Ketosis. BHB significantly increases blood ketones.[1,2] Compared to various ketosis strategies, Ketōnd®Advanced Blend helps achieve ketosis quicker and provides a safe and effective way to maximize the benefits of low carb/ketogenic diets.

2. Increased Appetite Suppression. Ketōnd®Advanced Blend boosts blood BHB levels, which increases satiety and improves body composition.[9]

Science (Cont.)

focus tests ketond

3. Increased Energy. In data provided by Burgess, BHB produces more energy than glucose(13 ATP/C2 versus 12.67 ATP/C2) and increases the free energy released from ATP hydrolysis. Arguably, the most efficient energy source that our body can use is ketones. [5]

4. Increased Mental Clarity & Focus. Elevated ketone bodies replace glucose as the major energy substrate for the brain and may be neuroprotective, helping preserve cognitive function.[3,4] Clinical data supports the ability of oral BHB to significantly improve focus.

focus tests ketond
Metabolic Accelerator PM


Metabolic Accelerator PM is a stimulant-free fat burner that increases your metabolic rate and activates brown fat cells, making it a great supplement to take if your goal is to lose weight. Each serving of Metabolic Accelerator PM contains a clinical dosage of CaloriBurn GP™. Scientific literature has dubbed CaloriBurn PM as the “holy grail” of optimizing body composition and fat loss. This formula wouldn’t be complete without a blend of natural herbs that will help calm your body and mind to help you get a restful sleep. For a limited time, when you spend $99 and up, we also include a Free bottle of Metabolic Accelerator PM to help speed up your transformation!

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