2023 Ketone Supplement Guide - What Are the Best Ketone Supplements?

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2022 Ketone Supplement Guide

Ketond BioMAX Review - Premium Bio-Identical Ketone Supplement

Ketond's original Advaced Ketone Blend was our #1 Rated Keto Supplement for the past 2 years because nothing was able to challenge it. It was stronger, tasted better, worked better than any other keto supplement on the market. We thought it was untouchable. So who on earth could dethrone the "Champ"? Only the newest keto supplement from Ketond - Ketond BioMAX.

It is our opinion that Ketond's "mantra" has always been "whatever Pruvit does, we can do BETTER and CHEAPER". Not only that but they are totally transparent (ie no proprietary blends) so you know EXACTLY what you are buying. This is crucial when it comes to purchasing a premium keto supplement. 800mg of BHB in a pill?? It won't do anything. 6g of BHB in a drink mix? It might do something, but not much. 11.7g of BHB? That's the clinical dosage used in the weight loss studies and you can bet that you are going to see results.

So, What is Ketond BioMAX? Ketōnd BioMAX uses BHB-D - the first of its kind all-natural ketone that is BIOLOGICALLY IDENTICAL to the ketones your body makes. D-BHB is the naturally occuring, endogenously (“inside the body”) generated isomer produced through human metabolism of acetoacetate in the ketogenic process. Once D-BHB enters the blood, it does not reconvert to acetoacetate, and is metabolized rapidly making it a more readily available bioenergetic fuel source for body and brain.

Not only is Ketōnd BioMAX the first supplement to use BHB-D BUT they have taken it a step further by including an effective blend of natural ingredients that further increase weight loss and appetite suppression. Ketōnd BioMAX is scientifically formulated to help you maximize weight loss and the other benefits of the keto diet without following a keto diet. When it comes to keto supplements Ketōnd continues to develop the most effective, premium products available.

How Does Ketōnd BioMAX Compare to Other Keto Supplements?

The only brand that uses something similar to BHB-D is Pruvit in their Keto OS//Max, NAT and Unleashed products. These products contain a proprietary blend containing R-BHB (which is the same thing as D-BHB). Though Pruvit's products are in a "Proprietary Blend" we will soon be receiving a third-party lab analysis that shows how much D-BHB they contain. We have "borrowed" this graph from Ketond.com showing how these D-BHB supplements compare.

How Much Does Ketōnd BioMAX Cost Compared to Competitors?

Comparing the costs of Ketōnd BioMAX to competitors is pretty easy. Both Ketōnd BioMAX and Pruvit products come in 20 Serving 'To Go' stick packs. As of the writing of this review, there are no other keto supplements that contain D-BHB, so these are really your only options. What's great about all of these products is that they license the same patented ketone technology. The BHB all of these products is natural and biologically identical to the ketones produced in the human body. We "borrowed" another chart that shows an efficient cost breakdown of these products. Now, both companies frequently run specials and promotions, but we didn't take those into account. You will see in the chart below that You Will Pay 45% to 75% LESS for Ketōnd's Products When Compared to the Competition.

Is There Any Sort of Guarantee?

When you order any product from Ketōnd's official website, every product is backed by a Money Back Guarantee. Ketōnd is committed to putting the customer first. We offer premium products and the lowest prices possible. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, simply return all the unused products you ordered within 30 days, for a full refund (​excluding shipping), no questions asked!

What is BioMAX's Advanced Weight Loss Blend?

One of the unique things that Ketōnd did to make sure BioMAX surpasses other brands was to include a unique blend of ingredients to maximize weight loss. Now, just like Ketōnd's original Advanced Blend, you are still able to add Ketōnd's KetoSTAX to each serving of BioMAX depending on what your health goals are. In true Ketōnd fashion they added effective dosage of premium ingredients.

Ingredients At A Glance

Solathin™ - Promotes healthy, effective weight control by increasing that “full” feeling.

Acetyl L-Carnitine - Helps your muscle mitochondria burn fat and also improves mood, learning, and memory.

L-Leucine - Helps aid in muscle protein synthesis.

L-Taurine - Helps improve exercise performance, body composition and nutrient delivery.

Will Ketōnd BioMAX Really Increase Ketone Levels?

We were curious to see what effect Ketōnd BioMAX would have on our blood ketone levels. So we tested it out on a few people and were totally SURPRISED at the results.

Subject 1

Our first subject wasn't anyone living the keto lifestyle. In fact, just before this test he had finished having a high carbohytrate lunch. So he was definitely full of glucose. He took his blood reading just before taking 1 serving of BioMAX and he tested at 0.1 mmol/L. An hour after taking 1 serving of BioMAX he tested again and his results jumped up to 1.3 mmol/L. Imagine if this was fasted in the morning or if he was following a lower carb diet. His results would have been much higher. To see an increase like this though, in just an hour is pretty amazing!


Subject 2

Like our first subject, our is currently not following a ketogenic diet. He took his blood reading fasted, about an hour after waking up. Just before taking 1 serving of BioMAX and he tested at 0.6 mmol/L. An hour after taking 1 serving of BioMAX he tested again and his results jumped up to 2.8 mmol/L!! One serving of BioMAX put him at the higher end of the optimal range for being in ketosis! We have never seen results like this taking any other keto supplement!


These are just 2 examples of people who have tested ketone levels with BioMAX. We have received hundred's more emails from customers who are getting even higher reading than this. The results they are seeing are truly phenomenal!

Final Thoughts on Ketōnd BioMAX

Ketōnd continues to do what other keto companies simlply can't - deliver amazing, premium supplements at affordable prices. Currently, Ketōnd BioMAX is a limited time product. That means SUPPLIES ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED! So, if you are thinking about ordering you'd better order soon. We were able to lock down a few hundred boxes of BioMAX but is it selling super fast. Once we run out of stock we will take down the order form listed below BUT you still might be able to get some direct from Ketond.

For a Limited Time, You can get Ketōnd BioMAX today from us or go directly to www.Ketōnd.com.

Ketōnd BioMAX Lab Report