2018 Ketone Supplement Guide -What Are the Best Ketone Supplements?

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#2 - RELOADED - Top Rated BHB Energy & Nootropic Drink

RELOADED by Reloaded Labs is literally the most groundbreaking new BHB suplement we have seen in the past 18 months. We recieved our sample packs last week and let me tell you that everyone here is IN LOVE with this product. The way it tastes, the way it makes you feel, the clean, crash-free energy, the overall sense of well-being and focus. I mean we could go on and on but you've really got to try this ketone supplement for yourself to fully appreciate it. So, what makes RELOADED work so well? Let's take a closer look...

BHB/Serving: 3,750mg
Price/Serving: As Low As $1.67
Official Site: ReloadedLabs.gg

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You are probably already familiar with goBHB™, but Teacrine™ and Dynamine™ are easily the most effective and safest energy delivering compounds available. When you combine these two compounds you get instant and sustained energy release. There's no spike followed by a "crash and burn". What we love about these two ingredients is that they have zero impact on your central nervous system and adrenals. That means there's no shakes, jitters, nausea or delayed fatigue. The feeling you get is almost euphoric!

Now, RELOADED is marketed as a "gamer" supplement, but don't be fooled. This product is great for everyone. In fact, the majority of people I've met that are taking RELOADED aren't gamers at all. Doctors, business professionals, stay at home mom's, athletes are taking this product because of all the benefits it provides. Oh yeah, did we mention it contains a solid dose of goBHB™? That means you get all of the benefits (cognition, appetite suppression, weight loss) that you would get by taking other BHB-based supplements.

If you are looking for an amazing crash-free, cognitive enhancing ketone supplement then RELOADED is simply amazing. The only knock we have is that we wish it had more BHB. You can never have too much goBHB™ but that's what our #1 Rated Ketond is for - It's pure BHB deliciousness. RELOADED, on the other hand, is simply the best energy, cogntition and nootropic supplement that we have ever seen.

I highly recommend it as the second best product in the entire ketone supplement field. You can also visit their website at www.ReloadedLabs.gg for more information about the product or check out Amazon.com and see if they have any in stock.

*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. Results may vary.


Ketōnd is this year’s top rated ketone supplement. It comes in three delicious flavors – citrus mango, caramel macchiato and tiger’s blood (which is a blend of coconut, watermelon and I think strawberry). Ketōnd contains 11.7g of goBHB™ – the most potent ketone body available.

We sampled each of the 3 flavors and also mixed in the available Ketōstax and this supplement tasted better than any other we had tried. Ketōnd costs $79.95 for 30 servings which is about $2.67 per serving – which is less than half the price of the leading competitor. Ketōnd’s label and ingredients are 100% transparent, so they disclose everything that is in the supplement – which is only ketones. What we really liked about Ketōnd is that it isn’t part of some Multi Level Marketing company so there are no obligations.

If you are looking for an amazing ketone supplement (without all the marketing commitments) at an unbeatable price then check out Ketōnd.

Official Phone: 1-877-719-5041
Official Phone: 1-877-719-5041
BHB/Serving: 13,700mg
Price/Serving: $2.67
Official Site: Ketond.com

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Lamborghini Compared to a Pinto!

Ketōnd is an intelligently designed formula containing an industry leading 13,900mg blend of high-powered goBHB™ all packed into a 100% transparent, proprietary blend free formula. Ketōnd is widely known as the most ‘potent’ exogenous ketone supplement available that has been formulated for anyone looking to manage their weight, maximize cognition, or simply feel more energetic in a low carbohydrate environment.

Not only is Ketōnd considered one of the best on ketone supplements the market it also currently holds favorable ratings, reaching numbers as high as 98 percent in customer reviews. They absolutely love this product and you will too if you give it a try. You will get some incredible results. Whether you are a busy professionals, athlete, on-the-go moms or dads, or college students you too will love this product.

No Proprietary Blends or Cheap Ingredients

Most of the ketone supplements out there are either underdosed or overpriced - some don't even bother to disclose how much BHB (ie ketones) is used in their product. And why would they? BHB is EXTREMELY expensive. So by not disclosing the amount the can get away with putting in as little as they want and still claim it's a ketone supplement while keeping their costs as low as possible.

Ketōnd discloses everything right there on their label so you know EXACTLY what you are getting. I have tried numerous ketone supplements and I can tell you I was not surprised that Ketōnd gave me more energy, mental clarity and improved my training more than any other ketone supplement. But take a few minutes and look at the product comparisons. You will see that Ketōnd has more ketones per serving and comes in at a fraction of the cost of every other product out there.

Is It the Beginning of a "Health Revolution"?

If you have tried other ketone supplements that haven’t worked as promised or tasted terrible. Have no fear. This stuff is what a ketone supplement should be. It’s incredible what customers tell me. How it’s given them more energy, focus, drive. Helped them lose weight and suppress their appetite. Help them train harder at the gym and all kinds of great stories.*

According to many customers who have tried it, one serving of Ketōnd provides more of what they were expecting from a ketone supplement than 2-3 servings of those other guys product.

The results that customers are having is accomplished through the the quality, quantity, and combination of goBHB™ that, when combined, produce a result that will leave you feeling like superman (or superwoman).

So, Is There a Catch?... Yes, Two Actually...

Not everything is perfect with Ketōnd, so there are a few things you should know. One is that it is extremely powerful. The company is pretty adamant about taking the correct dosage - and they are right. This isn't your typical ketone supplement. I'd recommend starting off at half a scoop, even if you are used to taking a different ketone supplement. Odds are if you have your product was underdosed. So, it’s kind of a pain to remember all the time, but once you feel good with the half serving then you can work your way up to a full scoop. If you think it is too strong for you – just take one serving a day, not two, and you will be okay.

About the only other negative thing I have heard about the company is that if you are placing an order over the phone, they don’t answer too many questions. Instead, they refer you to their website. Their website is very informative and pretty much answers any question you might have. Ketōnd has gotten too popular, and the company had to hire an answering service like they are selling George Forman Grills or something to take calls from around the world 24-7. I know it’s popular all over Europe and Australia too. My buddies that compete in Crossfit swear that this stuff gives them the edge.

At the end of the day I give my highest praise for Ketōnd; it is clearly the Michael Jordan of ketone supplements, the Rolls Royce of the business. You will not be disappointed… Ketōnd is the real deal!!

You can get Ketōnd today from us at a discount or go directly to www.Ketōnd.com.


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